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Since the emergence of ecommerce the affiliate marketing in Bangladesh is on the rise. It is one of the popular ways of earning passive income. People of all ages are now interested in affiliate marketing. However, there are some obstacles that hamper the ease of entering into affiliate marketing. That’s why Digital Pondith is here to help you to overcome the obstacles. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing process where the publisher can earn commission by promoting others’ products. It is a revenue sharing platform. If you have a product and you want to increase your sell then you can offer promoters a percentage of your revenue through affiliate program. Here the publisher refers someone to buy a particular product. When the person buys that product the publisher receives a commission. Affiliate marketing comprises with three parties; the advertiser, the publisher and the consumer. The advertiser can be a company or a person who wants to sell his/her own products through someone else. The publisher is the one who promotes contents on his site(s) on behalf of the advertiser to earn a commission. Lastly, the consumer is the one who actually sees the ads and then decides to make a purchase.

What kind of Affiliate service we provide?

Digital Pondith is a popular name when it comes to affiliate marketing in Bangladesh. We design our strategy in a way that publishers can attract the most numbers of customers and earn the maximum commission.

Our strategy consist of;

  1. Complete Keyword Research- Through keywords a potential customer will easily find your product. That’s why we will carefully select effective keywords.
  2. Site Design- A well decorated site is a key tool to influence a customer.  Here, we will make sure your website becomes the instant catch to its visitors.  
  3. Logo & Graphics Design- We will make sure your site gets attention with a fine logo and superior graphics where they are needed.
  4. Quality Content Writing- A quality content is a must in order to educate a customer. Our experienced content writer will make sure that your products get the best content to expose.
  5. Support- A better after sales support ensures a better customer relationship.

We provide these strategies to help a publisher grow his business faster and ensure ROI. We also provide monthly report. That will give publisher a better understanding of his business and will help him to architect future plan. We are exceptional from others because our strategies and services are the best of its kind. That’s why we are considered the best service provider in affiliate marketing in Bangladesh.

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