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Content is a written version of sophisticated ideas. In the age of internet, information holds the value like never before. Since the establishment of e-commerce till today content is the one thing that made all the difference. Because in digital world only your content can put you ahead of the curve. It is always easy to grab the attention of customers by a strong content than any other marketing strategies.
Here at Digital Pondith, we live, breathe, and sleep in digital content marketing. We are a content marketing service provider in Bangladesh who never felt short on delivering the quality contents to our clients. Our expert editors and proficient writing staff made us the trend setter. As a superior content marketing agency, we understand our clients and what content needs to be done.

We are here to help our clients to develop and formulate a unique approach to their industry. We apply a set principle of key steps to construct an in-depth content plan. We put words to paper through a diligent standard, built around a customized keyword plan by a complete research. These steps are followed precisely that’s why our content is not just well-written, it is also entertaining and factual. We create a content plan where we out-write our clients’ competition and put them ahead to the source of information in their industry. 

There are so many content marketing service provider in Bangladesh but we are totally different from them. We put our passion into our work. We make content easy and simple for you. We take sufficient time to make a quality content. And, when it will be all done you will be the first one to realize why we are the best in the business. Digital Marketing Content types



Quantity/ Details

Starting Price (BDT)

Info graphics

Starting (299X387) size


Image Editing





Brand Video

Less than 1 minutes


Review Video

More than 1 minutes


Product Reviews

1 product  700 words


Article Writing



500 words



500 words


Guest posts

1 post  1000 words


Competitive Analysis

Full online data



1 page Books of Any Length


Social Media Post Design

Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest


Social Media Content

Upto 100 words



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Why is Content Marketing Important For Your Business?

Content marketing is so important for any business. It is considered as a heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns. A great content marketing helps to establish a positive brand reputation among your customers. Content marketing allows you and your customers to blend in through knowledge shearing process. An optimized content helps enhancing your Search Engine Optimization more effective in a cost-effective way. It enables your brand to introduce to your subject matter with complete professionalism.

Content marketing is a way by which you can build a relationship with your customer. It provides a value to your products and services and helps to increase brand loyalty. It is one of the major marketing strategies that helps you to boost visibility, builds a stronger relationships and improves your brand reputation. Customers always want to see a great content about products and services because they make purchases on the basis of information that are mentioned in the content.

Content marketing is a complementary tool to every digital marketing strategy. And no one does better content marketing than Digital Pondith. We are the top content marketing service provider in Bangladesh where we set you apart from your competitors by creating exceptional content. So, when do you start with us?


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