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Best Email Marketing Service in Bangladesh

As internet has become more accessible to everyone. With that accessibility, Email service has reached into everyone’s pocket now. Email unveils more scope than any other communicational channel. Unlike SMS, Email are not confined to limited characters. It is the only medium where you can educate, entertain, and inspire your audience.  As a result, Email marketing becomes a handy tool to drive up the sales. 

Digital Pondith provides the best Email marketing service in Bangladesh. We have expert and experienced team who use advanced tools, technologies, and analysis to reach out the exact audiences. We are effectively providing Email marketing service since 2008 and our satisfied clients reside all over world. We plan our services with proper analysis that fits with our client’s requirements. We work on different formats that help you to build strong customer relationships. On top of that, we’ll provide you the report and the delivery schedule. From the report, you can evaluate the performance which gives you a better understanding of the needs and interests of your customers.  


Digital Pondith is providing the finest Email marketing service in Bangladesh. Our services are unique from others because we are able to provide you the effective and convincing brand messaging service. We provide automated Email marketing campaign to reduce the time you have to spend on promoting your products and services. We offer ROI-driven Email design, bulk email service, strategy, and deliver you with the best result. Our comprehensive email marketing service comprises both services and technical support. Our service is simply affordable, reliable, and measurable.





Corporate Email Marketing Package (5 Lac+ Email)

3 Days

12,000 Taka

Corporate + VIP Package(5.25 Lac+ Email)

4 Days

15,000 Taka

Regular Email Marketing(10 Lac+ Email)

6 Days

20,000 Taka

E-commerce Package (2.6 Lac+ email)

3 Days

10,000 Taka

Garments/Buyer Package (20,000+ Email)

1 day

10,000 Taka



Benefits of Email Marketing

Every business has its own unique customers and preferences that’s why different businesses’ need different formats and frequencies. Email marketing gives you the power & ease to overcome these limitations. The best advantage of Email marketing is that you can customize your email for person to person, you can type long text, add templates, photos, videos or URL etc. Also, it is cheaper and quicker than other digital marketing channels.
Email gives you the ability to keep people engaged with your business. Thus a company can build up its relationship and understanding with its customers in a meaningful way. Besides this, Email marketing is more reliable. Consequently, in the business world only a reliable relationship can flourish the growth of a business.

"  Email Marketing is about building Relasionship  "

Email marketing strategy is more applicable for small and medium businesses. As it is not always easy to stand out and grab attention in a mass market against the giant corporations. Email marketing gives the opportunity to build a dedicated audience who are interested in hearing from you. You can also improve your social media reach through Email because your followers can get notification via email when you post something on your Social Medias. We are providing the most comprehensive Email marketing service in Bangladesh because we know the benefits, strategies and how to keep you on top of your audiences’ mind.  Over the years we mastered the art of effective and convincing communication of brand messaging service. You will have a cutting edge over your competitors if you choose our email marketing strategy for your products and services.
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